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We've been sailing more than 40 years together. But until Horizon, "only' vacation sailing. We are from Sweden originally, but live in Boulder Colorado. We've been sailing the Baltic in our own boats from the early 1990 to 2002 when we relocated to the US. We've had a wooden Folk boat (25 feet) for a couple of years, which was a ton of work, fun though, but time consuming. We realized we've outgrown that boat when we did 4 weeks sailing with our three boys and our Golden retriever onboard. We then upgraded to a 41 feet fiberglass monohull (S30), which was much better for the family and the dog. After we relocated to the US we started to charter boats 1 or 2 weeks every year. The benefit with that is that you can see a lot of different places, and try a lot of different boats. So we've sailed the US west and east coasts, Vancouver area, Maine, Caribbean 7 times, Sea of Cortez, Belize, Tonga, and more... While chartering we've sailed catamarans from 38 to 47 feet, mono hulls from 39 to 55 feet. All that experience was used when we decided for our Outbound 46.

Our S30, named Horisont, which is Horizon in Swedish :-) 41' long, 6' wide...

Our Folk boat Swedish Hull #765. We also had three Optimist dinghies, wooden of course, on tow when we sailed. One for each kid.