May 13th - May 22nd, 2019

Passage from Port Lauderdale, Florida to Bermuda. It took us 6.9 days. And we averaged 7.0 Knots (Gulf Stream help).
We sailed 1153 Nautical Miles to get here.

Got to Love the Gulf stream

Anders is taking a noon site with the sextant

One of those magical, welcoming sunrises :-) After a long dark night at sea.

Close encounter with a big ship in the middle of the night [Anette]

Approaching Bermuda early morning

The narrow inlet to St George's harbour

And through this narrow inlet comes these enormous cruise ships

All the roof in Bermuda looks like this. This system was forced on the early settlers , because of the lack of easily available fresh water - there are no permanent streams and the lakes are brackish. Later it became enforced in house-building regulations - for each square foot of roof space, all houses must have eight gallons of tank space. And it's hurricane safe!

It's only one Norwegian in line today :-)

We rented a scooter for a day. We managed to see the whole island, it's not that big :-) This is Dockside, where all the big cruise ships dock

Beautiful coastline

This is an old, never finished, church in St Georges

Popular lagoon

Fort St. Catherine, strategic location on the North Eastern tip

Goats, everywhere, here on the side of the road

Alexandra battery, on the East coast

The inlet to St Georges harbor, Convict Bay. Interestingly narrow!

St Georges harbor, Convict Bay. Can you spot Horizon?

17th of May is Norway's National Holiday. Since I [Anette} am Norwegian we celebrated by hoisting the Norwegian flag! Heja Norge :-)

OCC Rafting in St Georges Bay. So much fun to meet fellow OCC cruisers and share stories and experiences

We sailed to Hamilton for a couple of days. Beautiful natural anchorage all to our selves. Except on the weekend when all the locals came out rafting, swimming and partying :-)

Our second anchorage, White Island, closer to Hamilton.

Short dinghy ride in to Hamilton

Hunker down awaiting tropical cyclone Andrea. Perfect time to make some soft shackles and low friction Antal rings .

"A couple that knit together, stay together"

Last night in Bermuda, Thanks for the epic sunset :-)