Passage Galapagos-Pitcairn

16th Apr - 3rd May, 2022

Always welcoming sunrises :-)

One of many beautiful sunsets

Caught my first Dorado, Mahi Mahi. Perfect size for the two of us

Ready for take off ;-) Just some of all flying fish we found on the deck every morning

What can that be on top of the Bimini???

Oh no, a squid! How the heck did he get up there???

We saw one, and only one, ship on our long passage.

Here we can see the big container ship. Very Exciting! Definitely the highlight of the day. You have to treasure the small happenings out here :-)

Swedish Pancakes for dinner. Anders favorite! Anders is all smiles :-)

Another Yummy dinner. Tacos with ground beef

Celebrating Half way point with Champagne and Sallad!!!

Who doesn't start a new electronic project on a passage? I Love you, my Nerd.

This is how we have set up our Dashboard screen on our plotter. Good information and statistics

And when you're on watch a small thing like this, when the log shows 33333, makes you jump up and down of Joy ;-)

When you for once time your passage so you get a full moon, then you get this! We had a full Lunar eclipse! Away went our moonlight. But it was actually pretty cool :-)

Pretty cool and rare line up of the moon, Venus and March. Actually Saturnus was also there but hard to see

Lots of time to read!

Radar is a very helpful tool to see and avoid squalls, specially when it's dark. But you can also track them to see which way and how fast they are moving

This is our track when we avoided several big squalls. I promise, we had not been drinking ;-)

The real picture! Let's not sail there.

Land Ho! The eastern most of the Pitcairn Islands, Henderson Island. The story says that there were some Cannibals here at some point. We did see some hungry looking people standing on the beach waving ;-)

Cheers in Jäger for Land Ho!

Still around 80NM to go to Pitcairn. Pitcairn is the only Inhabitant island of the Pitcairn Islands

Logged 34000 Nm right before arriving in Pitcairn