Jun 4th - Jul 8th, 2019

Flores, Azores. Jun 4th -Jun 7th

Approaching Flores in the Azores, the western most island in Europe. The passage, from Bermuda, took us 13 days. We averaged 5.4 kt. Ran the engine only 41.4 hours, 14%. The shortest great circle distance is 1672.4 Nm. We sailed 1941 Nm to get there. We had a great passage with good wind almost the whole time. Looking forward to a full nights of sleep, together 💕

We decided to anchor outside the tiny harbor.

Time for a well deserved, and traditional, Jäger!

View over the marina/harbor in Lajes das Flores

Beautiful green landscape. Lots of stone walls built for fencing

Spectacular south coast line

June 6th is the Swedish national holiday. To celebrate it we hoisted the Swedish flag!

There are seven Lagoons on Flores. All very different.

Two different lagoons on different levels

Two lagoons close together. The one that looks black is actually called Long Lagoon. And the other one is called Black Lagoon

Beautiful green country side

This is the very remote part of the west coast. In the lower picture you can see the road ends. It felt like this little town was the end of the world. Our guide lives here. In the winter there are only 8 people living there.

The most beautiful place we've ever seen :-)

The wind took the waterfall before it reached the ground below

Anette is enjoying a nice fresh water swim

Beautiful rainbow by the fall

Anders is enjoying the view of the waterfall

A very special looking rock. Known as a Volcanic Phenomenon.

Corvo, Azores. Jun 7th

We decided to visit the small neighboring island of Corvo. This was our ride!

A spectacular ride between narrow passages in high speed. The scenery was amazing on this northern part of the west coast.

Having fun... First crossing the Atlantic, and then going for a boat-ride...

Lots of waterfalls and caves on this coast line

A hole in the rock

It was a wet ride. Well deserved "big" beer ;-)

Looking down on Vila do Corvo. Flores is in the background

Leaving Corvo

Later the same day, we set sail for Horta, Faial. Leaving Flores in the sunset :-)

Horta, Faial, Azores. Jun 8th-Jun 17th

Passage Data: Passage from Flores, Azores to Horta, Azores. It took us 20 hours. And we averaged 6.7 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 129.4 Nautical Miles.

We sailed 145 Nautical Miles to get here. We run the engine 2.8 Hours (13%) during the passage.

After an overnight sail and 20 hours later we're approaching Faial and Horta.

Enjoying the beautiful Horta marina, with views over Pico

I [Anette} hiked the rim of the crater, Caldeira. 8km. Beautiful hike, even with the clouds that came and went.

The trail was sometimes very narrow. But it was so beautiful with the variety of flowers and bushes

Here the trail is going up to the highest point, in to the clouds...

The beach in Horta

The same guard towers as in Puerto Rico. I think the Portuguese has something to do with this

Pico, Azores.

We caught the first ferry to Pico, 7:30am.

Arriving in Madalena, Pico. A good clear day for hiking

On our way up. We cleared the low laying clouds pretty quick.

Anders and I are posing at the crater, with the very last peak behind us

I [Anette} made it to the very top, Yay!

The view from the top was spectacular, even with the low clouds

Second time visiting Pico. We rented a car and drove around the island. Stunning black landscape. We were totally amazed by all the black lave stone walls that was built to shelter the vines

We visited a lava cave {or a Lave Tunnel as they call it].

We got hair net to protect us from other people's germ in the helmets. Pretty :-)

The inlet to the cave

Beautiful formations in the cave

Then we ended the day with a visit to one of many vineyards.

These where the wines we tested. All local from this small vineyard

Art in Horta

We finished our painting . It’s a tradition here in Horta to leave a painting on the wall. It will give fair winds and good luck on future passages.

Sao Jorge, Azores.

We took the ferry over to Sao Jorge. A 2 hour ferry trip. But it was so worth it. This is an amazingly beautiful, and different island. Actually one of our favorite! Here you can see Pico in the background

Suddenly it looked like steam was coming out from Pico . An eruption??

Looking south from the highest point of Sao Jorge. This island is made up of several smaller volcanoes. It is amazingly green. Great place for hiking

Above is the highest peak of Sao Jorge, Pico de Esperanca, 1053 m. In the bottom picture you can see Graciosa, the neighbor island to the north.

This is one of many Faja, plateaus down by the ocean. This is were we had lunch. Porta de Notre Grande

Faja dos Vimes. It is the only place in Europe where they have coffee plantation and make their own coffee

We drove to the very northern tip of the island on small dirt roads

Beautiful Botanical Garden

Stunning view from the northern part of the island. Very green rolling hills

Ponta dos Rosais, the most northern point of Sao Jorge. This is the lighthouse. Panoramic view to the north

On our way back to Velas, where the ferry docks

We got very lucky here in Horta Harbor. We got a very nice slip right away, even though it's super busy this time of the year, and boats are rafting 3-4 deep next to each other. We have a hard time leaving Horta and this very protected marina, But tomorrow we set sail for Terceira.

Terceira. Jun 18th -Jul 8th

Dolphins joined us on our passage between Faial and Terceira.Always a happy sight :-)

Approaching the harbor in Praia da Vitoria

Beautiful stone steps decorated with flowers up to the monument on the hillside of Praia da Vitoria

Below Anders is the marina, and Horizon

At the monument overlooking the town and the harbor

We rented a car for a couple days to explore the island

These were the two caves we visited. Both worth visiting and unique in their own way

The tunnel down to Algar do Carvao

Road trip, part 1

This skylight on the way down was amazingly lush and green

Anette deep down in the cave

At the bottom of the cave is this beautiful lake

The colors of the walls were just mesmerizing

Outside Grotto Natural

This looked like the lava was still flowing

Pretty tight tunnels to go through

Interesting to see the moss growing in the light of the spot

Agra do Heroismo, Bullrun Festival

Happy Midsummer from our AirBnB in Agra do Heroismo

Beautiful flower covered side of the roads. Hortensia is in abandonment on all the islands in the Azores

Picnic in a scenic surrounding, on the side of the road. These chairs in the wall is very common

Overlooking Agra do Heroismo

All the streets are decorated for the Festival

So many beautiful, colorful churches on these islands

This is the opening evening of the 10 days Festival. Streets are packed with people. Let the big Parade start

The Parade was just amazing. So many beautiful dresses and big decorated wagons. It went on for probably 2 hours

Agra Cup, sailing race

We sailed on our friends boat, Stealing time, in the Agra bay regatta. We had so much fun

We got a very good start, not really planned, but we started off as number 4. First leg was all downwind.

We sailed a figure eight around two of the "islands" in the bay. 12 nm. These two are actually the first island

And these rocks are the second "island"

Big Party after with free food and drinks. And of course awards

Bull Run

The pre Bull run parade

And the brass band

People were sitting up high everywhere

This bull came straight at us. Too close for our liking

What a wonderful fun and exiting experience. A once in a lifetime indeed!

They tried to tease this bull to chase them. He took a break here but then suddenly he charged.

Road trip, part 2

We hiked up to this peak. The trail was very rough steep and damaged from flooding

The trail actually went up to this little lake

Hortensia flower

We drove as far as we could up to the trail

Beautiful trees with red flowers are everywhere along the hillsides

Really cool natural pool place, in Biscoitos. But the water was pretty cold, 21C or so

Blue water between lava rocks

Rugged north shore of Terciera

Our little red rental car

My lunch :-) The dish to the left is the Terciera's national dish. Very Yummy

Wedding trip to Sweden

We left for Sweden for 10 days. We’re so happy that our God son’s wedding brought our whole family together 💕

Our three sons in Stockholm together, A rare occasion

We celebrated 4th of July in Stockholm

Preparation to leave the Azores

At the first spreader. Anders is the brave one going up the mast

Back at Horizon we fixed the broken shroud. Thanks Outbound, and Phil, for sending a new one so quick

Beautiful views from the mast