Bed storage access improvement

There is a big storage space under the berth in the forward cabin. It is easily accessible when raising the bed. There are three wooden bars supporting the bed, and are removable for easier access to the stored items. As soon as an item is a little bigger, one or more of these bars needs to be removed.

Simply attaching these bars to the underside of the bed, magically removes them as soon as you raise the bed, and are back in the right, supporting position, as soon as the bed is back in place.

The open bed "Before" and "After".

Was a little worried that it would not fit perfectly, and that it would be hard to get the bed down without getting one or more of the wooden bars getting stuck. That was not a problem at all, works very well, and the compartment is now fully open when you need to get things in or out.

The trick to get the bars in the exactly right place is to screw the screws into the bars after you've drilled the holes, then place them in their right position and closing the lid. That will give you marks in the right place on the board, and you just have to drill holes and mount the bars. Done.