Labor day week sail to NYC

Aug 26th - Sep 2nd, 2018

All stocked up and ready to leave

Sailing in to Duck Harbor in the sunset

Always some maintenance to do. Oiling the teak table

So many pretty Lighthouses in New England!

Our anchorage in Little Neck Bay, right before the East River entrance. Another beautiful sunset

This little guy came swimming up to our boat to say hi :-)

The first bridge of many, in the East River

Busy air traffic at La Guardia

Sailing by all these famous places, in your own boat, is a ones in a life time experience. So cool and special!

Do you spot the Empire State building?

Wall street

Brooklyn Bridge, the last on the East River! We have a tradition, to always take a shot of Jägermeister when we sail under a bridge. But we realized that we would be super drunk if we did that under every bridge ;-) So we quickly decided to celebrate only under the last bridge, CHEERS

Sailing up Hudson River towards Manhattan

Nice view of Manhattan from Horizon

Our slip in Liberty Landing Marina. Pretty cool view :-)

We picked up Ludvig in NYC! Why not go swimming in Hudson River in front of the statue of Liberty ;-)

Jäger is filled and ready for the last bridge on our way back up the East River. Bye Bye NYC for this time...

We ended up in a Classic sailboat regatta on our way in to Oyster Bay. So many pretty boats

This is life when it's the best. Grilling in a beautiful sunset drinking a cold beer :-) Anchorage, Oyster Bay

It is always busy in Newport with sailboats but this was the start of some kind of big sailboat race so it was extra busy

This is our last sailing trip in New England for a long time! Last time anchoring in Point Judith harbor. Horizon will be the show boat for Outbound both for Newport and Annapolis boat show. They will sail her to both and we will meet her in Annapolis! From there we will sail Horizon down to Deltaville and do all the preparation for our passage down to Caribbean, where we going to spend the winter...But that's the next chapter...

So Bye Bye Barrington , and Cove Haven marina. We had a great time here exploring New England's water.

Big Thank You to Josh, Anchor Yachts, for your help with our projects. You're the best!!!