Back-drops for hard dodger

Sometimes the weather can be miserable, with cold drizzling rain. And even worse when there's a strong following wind, so you cannot hide even under the hard dodger. Our solution was to install removable back-drops at the back of the hard dodger. Fortunately, we haven't used them often. But when we do, they are fabulous. For instance, when we left from North Carolina in mid November, going to the Caribbean, they were great. Only took them down after we passed the Gulf Stream. Up in New England in the fall, they were great too. When it's cold, we have them all enclosed and control the auto-pilot from the companionway plotter. We just have to get out in the cold when the foresail has to be trimmed... With the Webasto heater running (Diesel or Engine) and the back-drops closed, the hard dodger space is warm and cozy.

The back-drop is in three pieces, so it's easy to open up the "door" to get out in the wind. They are attached with zippers, both to the dodger and to each other. The zippers in the dodger are removable and attached with rope-type slides.


The rope-slide holders for the back-drops are permanently installed.

Snap-attachment for the port panel.

Snap-attachment for the starboard panel.

Panel snapped in snuggly.
In addition, the door has some sort of weight-material at the bottom, so it is hanging low and tight.

This is how the zippers are mounted to the rope-slide. Notice the boarder for the different panel zippers.

Mid panel (aka door) with the zippers for the dodger and the side panels.

The back-drops are small and fairly easy to stove.