3rd May- 6thJune, 2021

Approaching the inlet to Guadiana river, which is the border between Spain and Portugal

Now in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, in the Guadiana River. We stayed in the marina here. Sundowner on Horizon with OCC Port Officer, Peter Whitby and his wife Irene.

A beach walk along the south coast of Portugal. Pretty empty in this direction...

The same in the other direction...The houses at the end of the beach is the town of Monte Gordo

Lots of small crabs among the rocks on the pier

Shell art on the beach

Wonderful forest close to Vila Real de Santa Antonio. Lots of nice trails for hiking and biking

Lots of small sheds where people live around these old warehouses

Contrast! Newly renovated Grand Hotel in Vila Real

We biked up to the nearby castle, Castro Marim Castle. It is a Medieval Castle on a hilltop. The castle was part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar.

The castle is located in a unique landscape due to the proximity of salt and mouth of the Guadiana River.

Fun sculptures on the bike road up to the castle. All made of washers.

We had lunch in Monte Gordo. Very impressive boardwalk here, with lots of restaurants.

We anchored inside the breakwater in Culatra, Faro

It was warm in the water inside the breakwater, so I jumped in and cleaned the hydro and the wind wane rudder

Pretty strong currents going out through the narrow passage in the breakwater

Not much wind in the morning, then suddenly we saw this sharp line of wind at a distance. Sure enough, a minute later we had great sailing wind. Nice!

Spectacular coastline with lots of rocks and grottos, from Faro up to Portimao

Love the lighthouse

Lots of birds on this rock

A small picturesque town surrounded by the tall cliffs

Signs in the sky that bad weather is approaching

Beautiful sunset over Portimao

Horizon is now safely docked in Lagos marina.

We are still positively negative, got our fifth Covid PCR swab. Now on our way to Colorado to get our Covid vaccine, Yay. We will be there for less than two weeks. Looking forward to see some friends and family again

Horizon is safely docked in Lagos marina

The bridge in to Lisbon on our road-trip from Lagos.

Lots of airplanes parked on the tarmac at the airport in Lisbon.

Pretty empty flight from Frankfurt to Denver

We're now very happy and are fully vaccinated, two hours after we arrived in Denver. Very convenient walk in vaccination, no appointment needed and we could pick our choice of vaccin.

Will still be careful, especially during the two weeks it takes for the vaccin to do it's job.

Vaccination was pretty important. But the highlight of the day was to get to see Findus. Realizing that Findus is the only one that we dare to hug nowadays...

Back at the boat I tried out our new Stand up paddleboard. We are very happy with it. We can also convert it in to a kayak. And it's inflatable, so pretty easy to store. Very light weight. Love it

Celebrated our 33rd Anniversary yesterday We had a wonderful day here in Lagos, Portugal.

Love You Anders Rhodin

Looking forward to exploring many new Horizon with you

Did a long hike out to the lighthouse

Celebrating onboard Horizon with champagne

Dinner with a view with wonderful new cruising friends. Thanks for joining us in our celebration

Then we finally left Lagos Marina after almost a month. Now fully Vaccinated!

We left Portugal on the Swedish National Day, 6th of June. Next stop Madeira.

Happy Holiday to all our friends in Sweden.