NavPod ideas

Why advertise for NavPod with every cockpit picture you post?

Before we bought Horizon, I was enjoying looking at blogs and Facebook posts from fellow sailors. We also had the benefit to sail on Kinetic, another Outbound. Same thing, looking at the cockpit pictures, NavPod is what's sticking out.

This made me think about that premier real estate for the boat name. So when we bought our HORIZON decals, we ordered smaller decals at the same time.

We believe the end result is better. Every time we post the cockpit on FB, the boat name shows up.

Important information visible:

We added our cellphone numbers at the helm. If we are not on the boat, and a problem arise at a dock, mooring or anchor. We would like anyone that are trying to save our boat to easily be able to reach us.

We also realize that our call sign can be hard to remember in a crunch situation, or when a new crew has the night watch. So we added that next to the VHF in the cockpit, and at the nav-station below.