Jul 16th - Jul 27th, 2019

We left Scilly in the first morning light

Docked at a marina in beautiful Falmouth

Anders is helping a fellow cruiser friend with a very needed haircut

Interesting UK recycling

Nice dinner gathering with OCC friends from Aleta, Shango and our own Horizon 😊⛵️🥂

So many dolphins joined us on our sail from Falmouth to Dartmouth

Approaching Dartmouth

So many cute castles along the coast

Picturesque Dartmouth 💕

Dartmouth at sunset

We rounded Portland race with 5.2 knots of current against us and the wind against the tide. We didn't make fast headway. We were really happy with our 80 hp Yanmar

Pretty choppy and confused sea in Portland race

Rafting in Weymouth harbour

A must :-)

Walked out to Nothe fort

And I walked out on the pier. You see Nothe Fort at the end

My sister Nina and her husband Keith visited us on Horizon for an evening and a night.

On our way out. Weymouth beach is in the background. Not very inviting today though

On our way to Lymington we passed spectacular Needles rock on Isles of Wight.

Sailed up the Solent with Genoa only, doing 7 knots.

Now we are docked in Berthon Marina where we stayed 2 nights. It's a little tight here

Short sail over to Cowes, Isle of Wight , today. Cute, very nautical town with lots of pubs

Enjoying the British pubs.

We thought this was very nautical and funny :-)

Enjoying crabs and shrimps bought in Lymington. Tomorrow we’re sailing towards the Kiel canal. Cheers

Passing Solent fort on our way out to the English channel

It's a little crowded here in the English channel

Passage from Isle of Wight to Kiel Canal. It took us 3.5 days. And we averaged 4.1 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 347.7 Nautical Miles. We sailed 488 Nautical Miles to get here.

Just passed the Greenwich meridian, and sailed from the western to the eastern hemisphere! That is worth a cheer 😊 Now we just have to remember to put East instead of West in the logbook 😉

Passed a lot of wind mill areas in the English channel

Beautiful sunrise before we're heading in to the Kiel canal