Trinidad & Tobago

11th Dec, 2021- 22nd Jan, 2022

We had a fun, fast and intense passage from Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago. Lots of squalls kept us very busy and raised our heart rates, specially during the night

Now time for some stats:

Passage from Guyana to Trinidad. It took us 2.1 days. And we averaged 7.4 Knots. Taking advantage of the Equatorial current, which we think is refilling the Gulf of Mexico, preventing the Gulf Current from emptying the Gulf

We sailed 373 Nautical Miles to get here. We ran the engine 13.7 Hours (27.1%) during the passage, mostly to get out of the river. We got 154.3 Ah/day from Solar. We got 0 Ah/day from Wind and Hydro. At the start of passage the wind generator22 suddenly started to vibrate violently, so it had to be turned off. So solar alone added a total of 154.3 Ah/day during the passage. Needless to say. But solar, without any moving parts, is our favorite.

Lots of squalls during this passage. Made your night shift very exciting. This one passed behind us. Where did the wind come from then?

Pretty busy here in Galleons Passage between Trinidad & Tobago. It's also the gate between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea

And we arrived early morning to a rainy Trinidad

And once again we got greeted by the local fishing boats coming out early in the morning

Atlantic Circle, Check!

Heading out in November 2018, we spent the winter in the Caribbean to see if we could live together on a boat for an extended time. That worked great, so the next step was to try out ocean passages and far away continents and countries. We are feeling accomplished today since we've now back in the Caribbean, after an Atlantic and Mediterranean circle. We (and Horizon) have now been in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

We're still happy with our cruising lifestyle and are now looking forward starting the big circle around the world, going west.

A beautiful pelican resting on this pole next to our boat

Love having the pelicans around again, and the Iguanas. Feels good to be back in good old Caribbean

Actually there where three, in a row

Beautiful framed Iguana

Came to Trinidad in time for Lucia. Time to make Swedish Lussebullar

Happy Anders with Glögg and Lussebulle

Christmas lights are up. We try hard to get into the Christmas spirit here in Trinidad :-)

Also decorated in the cockpit

Typical Swedish Christmas food, our Christmas lunch. Swedish meatballs and prinskorv (Prince sausage)

Potluck Christmas breakfast in Peakes marina. Organized and served by the marina staff. Very nice and appreciated

We got tired of being docked in the marina so we headed out to the nearby islands for a couple of days. This is a beautiful anchorage in Scotland bay. Very popular among locals. Lots of partying here.

When I stepped into the dinghy it smelled fish...and look what I found...A fish indeed. Funny way to catch fish :-)

On our little exploring dinghy trip around Scotland bay we saw this beautiful Spotted Eagle ray in the shallow water

Also saw this Great Black Hawk

Unfortunately, because of all the local partys, the beaches was trashed with lots of bottles, plastic etc :-(

Our next anchorage was on the island of Chachacare. The closest island to Venezuela. you can say it's Trinidad's outer archipelago ;-)

The trail was actually an old paved road. Very lush and green

We did a nice hike up to the lighthouse. This is on the west side, facing Venezuela

So many Vultures lives all over this island. They made this old building their home. A little scary, reminded us of the old Hitchcock movie, the Birds

On the second floor in the old Lighthouse there was lots of old batteries and some bird skeletons. A little Spooky

Climbed up in the old Lighthouse. This is the view looking east towards Trinidad.

And this is the view looking west. That is Venezuela. So close!

Our wind generator is now serviced, by DIY, and have new blades. So looking forward to that energy contribution.

Fantastic professionalism at the Peake's Yard. They even have a nice machine that makes it possible to park boats close to each other. Their travel lift is so large, so the space between boats would be too large otherwise.

Their travel lift can lift big boats. Like the boat below for instance

Our wind wane rudder looked like this after only a week in the marina in Trinidad. Very happy that our antifouling, that is only four months old, worked so well

We flew back to the US to spend some time with family and getting our medical check ups, including our Covid Booster shot

First stop was in Boulder, Colorado, to check on our new "home" ;-) We sold our house in Boulder and everything we have left is in one of these storage units!

This is inside the storage unit. Anette try to find a special box, didn't succeed though

Next stop was San Jose, California. We visited Ludvig, Kat and Veronica. Celebrated New Years together and enjoyed, as always, great hikes

Ludvig, our oldest son, is taking lessons to get his Pilot license. We Flew with him in this small plain over the San Francisco Bay. Fantastic, and he is a great pilot!

Back to Colorado to do our doctors check ups and more. We stayed with Benjamin, our youngest son, and his girlfriend Tessa in their nice house in Arvada. We also got to spend Ben's Birthday together :-)

Back in Trinidad we spent a couple of nights in the marina hotel, since Horizon was still on the hard. We brought lot's of boat parts with us from Colorado, as always ;-)

New bottom paint and more. She is now ready to get back in the water

This is a local fruit and veggie truck that comes to the Peakes marina every Wednesday. Very convenient and super fresh!

We left Trinidad and Peakes marina on Anders birthday the 22nd of January. We celebrated him on our passage to Bonaire :-) Best way to celebrate, just the two of us, Horizon and the ocean!