Swim Ladder Hinge Stop

Sailing on another Outbound 46, we realized that the hinge-locks for the foldable swim ladder wasn't optimal. The hinges fell down with gravity, unless you were very careful when using it. Making it wiggly while in use.

Looking at these two pictures, you can see the older version and the version we've made for Horizon.

The picture show the position the ladder will have when down in the water. As you can see, gravity will make the locking-hinge fall down if the hinge isn't rotated.

The old style locking mechanism is made as an L, which will unlock with any unintended rotation by hand (which is common).

The new style locking mechanism is made as a J, which make gravity help lock it in place, and any unintended rotation is prevented.

After using this for years, we can say it works well.