Turkey Part 2

30th Jan- 3rd March, 2021

We stayed on our boat on land for a week in Finike. Definitely a new experience. Very well needed bottom paint was done together with some other maintenance like replacing the anodes etc...

After a week on the hard we are now back in the water, Yay!

Very happy with the yard and all the work that they have done. Very professional, we can definitely recommend Finike marina and boat yard. We also got a lot of boat projects done our selves while on the hard. So now we're looking forward to go out sailing again :-)

Some small day trips out from the marina

Stormy weather is approaching the marina this afternoon...

We did a one day road trip in this beautiful area of Antalya province, also called the Turkish Riviera.

Farewell wishes Turkish style. Sad to leave our good friends in Finike marina but time to turn around and sail west :-)

Pump out of black water before we leave

We sailed back to Kekova and met up with our cruising friends Imagine2 and Adventurous. Had a great evening together and nice to catch up.

Brisk sailing from Kekova up to the Fethiye area. We sailed 62nm in 8.5h, averaging 7,7 knots. What a sleigh ride :-)

Anders is fixing our broken water kettle.

Stopped once again in the beautiful park in the Göcek bay.

Finally we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the ocean :-)

This is south west of Marmaris

We anchored in this beautiful very sheltered bay, Serce Limani. It was almost like a lake. Unfortunately the restaurant Captain Nemos was not open

I did a hike up on a nearby hill. Stunning views overlooking the ocean and Greek Rhodes in the horizon

Found another turtle. I'm amazed how they can live up here with all the rocks, and not get stuck between them...how can they even walk around and up them???

Picked some fresh Oregano. There is lots of it here on the hills

On my way back these cuties were in my way

What a beautiful bay...

We found this amazing little town called Söğüt. We docked at Keçi Bükü (Goat Bend) restaurant's private dock. Water, electricity, showers and WiFi provided. We stayed for free as long as we ordered "take out dinner" from their restaurant. The food was delicious and very affordable. Delivered to our boat with everything included, even real wine glasses. We had planned to stay one night but stayed three. Super nice and helpful people. A plus is that one of the owners (the wife) is Canadian and speaks English, as do the other owner, even though he is Turkish. Highly recommend this little gem.

View over the Datca harbor where Horizon is docked. Very nice town with lots of small almonds shop. Datca is known for their almonds. We got to stay at the city dock for free, no water or electricity though, since it's winter

This young guy caught a Moreana next to our boat. He was very excited and proud

Took our PCR-Covid test yesterday. Need that to get in to Malta. Got our results back today, both negative...so that is positive!

Tomorrow we will clear out and set sail for Malta. 670 nm and around six days sailing...