Awaiting Passage

Nov 10th - Nov 16th, 2018

We're leaving Norfolk on our way to Beaufort, NC. A little brisk this morning after the cold front passed last night.

The birds are leaving at the same time, going south ;-)

Anders is putting down the Watt & Sea to try it out. Of course he is secured with the tether! Big seas all around.

Dramatic seas and skies south of Hatteras. When I went off my shift around 10pm the water temperature was 17C, when I came on my next shift at 2am it was 27C. We were now just south of Hatteras where you are the closest to the Gulf stream. I should have jumped in for a hot bath ;-)

Sailed into Beaufort, NC, after sunset. 32 hours and 213 nm later. Great sailing downwind steady between 20 and 30 knots.

We moved over to the neighboring town of Morehead, because the price was less expensive here. We will stay here and wait for the next good weather window which , for now, looks like it will happen on Friday. Cross your fingers! BTW, it's sad to see the devastation from the latest hurricane, Michael, in this area. Just look at the sad looking Catamaran behind us :-( Some marinas got totally destroyed.

We had some high winds and a waterspout tornado pass us one night. Which dis-masted the poor catamaran...