Bicycles aboard

Very late, but we got bikes aboard

Many friends and fellow cruisers told us that we had to have bikes aboard. But, it is too easy to accept every advice, and to be impressed at a boat show of " things, that does magic, and is the best since sliced bread that we absolutely need aboard". So very early on we decided on a motto. "We need to long after something 5 times over at least 5 weeks, before buying". We do not follow this religiously, but think it is a good motto. To be honest, Anders always want to buy, and Anette always say no (regardless if it's good or not). This might be ultimate situation, which always make us think twice before buying. We both have veto-power. If Anette says NO, it's NO. If Anders says YES, it's YES. Don't know how that works, but we're still married and love each other, and we have a few things aboard we should not have bought, and some that we are very happy we bought against the veto...

The bikes are different, it took us 18 month before we bought them. The Brompton bikes are high quality, sturdy, well made, extremely small when folded and runs like a normal bike. Ours are 6 speed version. But they are expensive. We have not regretted the purchase.

Being locked down in France during the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020, we made these videos.


The cart is American (I think). A Burley. Fits any bike.

Works like magic in the same way as the Brompton bikes. We also use the cart standalone when walking to a grocery store. The handle works as great by hand as on the bike. It comes in a bag, that second as a bag to have stuff in when you use it. We're not promoting any product in particular. But have included the Burley video below.