Shake down cruise

May 5th - May 8th, 2018

Starting in Norfolk, VA. Ending in Barrington, RI. 500NM in 60 hours non stop!

Father and son, Ludvig, is testing out Horizon. And they are both really happy with her :-)

A little nerve wracking when we saw this big cargo ship on the AIS almost crossing path with us. It was foggy, we kept an eye open for her and suddenly she appeared like a ghost ship out of the fog...

Ludvig is making a delicious dinner, Chicken and rice soup

Weather was ever changing. Approaching Block Island sound

Approaching Newport, RI, in the sunset

During our passage, when we had winds of 38 knots, we lost two of our battens. They came shooting out and flew in to the ocean. The morning after we arrived in Barrington a representative from Hood, the sail company, came to our boat with new battens and made sure to sew the pockets so it wouldn't happen again. That is good service!!!

Horizon is happy in her new home :-)

Ludvig is trying out the emergency tiller

Busy days in the marina. Testing and checking out everything on the boat. And our dinghy came :-) This is our evening cruise motoring out and trying out the anchor.

Anders is happy in the Garage, and Anette rows the dinghy

Our Bimini is being installed. We are very happy with the end result.

To the left you can see our window shades for the hard dodger. Keeping the sun out but you can still look out.

To the right you can see the back drops that encloses the hard dodger. So in cold or rough weather you can do everything from the warms of the cabin

We manage to get a lot things done over the three days we spent in Barrington. Bimini and window cover up. Dinghy up on the davit. She looks great, it's hard to leave :-(

We slept very well in the fore peak . Very happy with our choice of mattress.

To the right is the aft cabin, right now just with pillows