Mainland, Italy

July 14th - July 19th, 2020

Working our way up the coast.

We celebrate that we are passing the most southern part of mainland Italy.

Beautiful sunset at our anchorage on south coast of Italy, Bova Marina

Our next anchorage up on the east coast of Italy, Capo Colonna

Vi hiked up to this sad Amphitheater. It was left behind and overgrown. Hopefully it is only because of Covid-19 closings, so they will get it back in shape after all this. Who knows?

Great anchorage inside the pier of the little fishing harbor of Ciro Marina

Left Ciro Marina in the first light. 66nm to go over the bay of Taranto to Santa Marie di Leuca. We were very lucky with the wind. Steady beam reach the whole way, did around 8 knots average

Our anchorage in Santa Marie di Leuca. Very protected, and right outside the marina but inside the big breakwater

It was crowded during the day. But only us and one other boat staying the night.

Sad boat stranded on the shore next to us in Santa Marie Di Leuca :-(

It must have happened recently. The boat was actually in pretty good shape. Wonder what happened??

Bye Bye Italy for this time... Greece, here we come...