About Horizon

HORIZON is an Outbound 46, hull #67. She was built during the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. We did an extensive research, and met with and contacted several Outbound 46 owners before we finalized the specs of HORIZON. We sailed one week in the Caribbean  on hull #59, Kinetic with Lisa and Andy, and learned a ton of things about sailing and navigation. But also about the Outbound 46. We loved it. We also got huge benefit by looking at Ocean, Pneumatic  and Lions Paw, before we made our final decision of HORIZON and how we wanted her to be equipped.  

Here's a quote from the Outbound website, that's quite telling:

"The Outbound 46 was designed by the late Carl Schumacher (1949-2002), designer of the Alerion Express 28, Oyster’s Lightwave 48, the Express 27 and 37, and a large stable of custom racing yachts. We selected Carl for one reason …. he drew boats that sailed great. Schumacher successfully combined the moderate displacement required for cruising comfort with an efficient underbody needed to beat the weather, upwind performance, and excellent control."

Relevant quote (source not found):

Good yacht designers create the boat their customers want. Great yacht designers create the boat their customers need. Or, to put it another way, the really great boats out there are designed (and built) by the few, the very few, who stick to a vision without being pulled away by every potential customer with a large check book or by the marketing types who profess to know what said owners want. But none of them allowed the market to pervert their boats to the point that their fundamental purpose, going to sea in comfort and safety, has been materially compromised.

So let's get into our priorities for HORIZON.

Easy to handle with a short handed  crew (that will not get younger):

Self-sufficient from an energy standpoint:

Self-sufficient from a resource standpoint:

Redundancy in systems for safety:

Use renewable energy aboard, to avoid having to run the engine or having a generator:

Handle all latitudes:

Changes that we are proud of, that  will benefit future Outbound owners. We're the first Outbound with:

Cockpit table with extra 1' leaf.

Anti-siphon valve with hose to bilge.

Boat Test - Outbound 46 - GL.pdf