Pacific Panama

Mar 18th - Mar 25th, 2022

Having a great time in old time Panama city, with fellow cruisers and OCC members Jon and Lucy on S/V Broadsworth

First Anchorage in Las Perlas . Anchored in the channel between the island of Mogo Mogo and Chapers. The Survivor TV series was filmed here

This is the very scenic anchorage on the east side of Isla Pedro Gonzalez.

At the end of the beach I found these marvelous rock formations

These sand crabs are all over the beach. They are very shy, so it's hard to get close up to them

This is what they do, digging out sand from their hole.

Very busy on this beach...

Horizon at a very Picturesque anchorage

Time to relax in the cockpit in a hammock ...Life is pretty good

Crew from three OCC boats gathered on Horizon. Broadsword and Kawainee2. Kawainee2 just became members in OCC but haven't got their burgee. Since we had some spares we gave them one. They were really happy :-)

Great shot of Horizon flying the Spinnaker. Thanks Lucy Strachan for the shot

When we approached the village of Esmeralda we got greeted by these cute guys

Many kids came to help us when we arrived. Of course they wanted some money, which we were happy to give after they helped us

The roosters were very pretty but tied up

View from the village towards the water

Laundry day

The village's water tower

We found this cute proud momma with her puppies

Our three OCC boats at anchor

The Pelicans took over this boat

Last anchorage in Las Perlas, Rio Cacique. At the rising tide we took the dinghy to explore the river. We didn't get far but it was an exciting excursion. Thanks John Strachan and Lucy Strachan for the ride in your dinghy

Last sunset in Las Perlas and Panama

We have really enjoyed Panama. Las Perlas is so pristine, well worth a visit. We will set sail for Galapagos together with Broadsword and Kawainee2. So three OCC boats sailing together Weather window looks good. ETA around first of April. We will have a ceremony when we cross the equator, of course that calls for a Jäger. Galapagos, here we come :-)