Apr 8th - May 6th, 2019

Interesting Geometry crossing the Gulf stream

We had a great crossing of the Gulf stream , Sailed on a broad reach with the spinnaker most of the day.

Back in US waters after 5 months cruising Caribbean and Bahamas.

Anchored in Lake Worth back in civilization and good cell coverage, with the pros and cons 😉 And the dolphins welcomed us back to the US!

Phil, the owner of Outbound, is just amazing! Yesterday he spent the day with us on Horizon fixing some problems we had, together with us.

Anders and Phil is happy in the garage

Today he took us out for a tour on the river on his Sea-Ray.

Big party place here on the river.

Three Outbound owners in the same place. Horizon, Night Star and Big Frisky (behind us)

We got rear ended pretty hard one day by this passenger shuttle. Anette stopped at a stop sign and he didn’t. He was probably on his phone. We’re longing back to the ocean, it’s dangerous on land 😩 Luckily we were both OK, and we got a new rental car

After 6200 nm, it might be time to replace these.

Home again just in time for Easter. Findus was super happy to see us again, and be back in his own yard 💕

Our other boat is ready for the season in Colorado, for the kids to enjoy :-)

April in Colorado. Winter is back for a day or two! Time to go back to Horizon 😊⛵️

Last time we were up for a major offshore passage the weather hold us back. Now we have a perfect weather window opening on Saturday for Bermuda on our way over the Atlantic. However, the yard here in Fort Lauderdale that we booked over 5 weeks ago cannot get us out of the water to get new bottom paint on.

The good thing is that we're not on a schedule, and we try to be humble. But badly run businesses still annoy us.

We'll be on our way soon, and will not remember them, nor recommend them...

Life is good 😁

Finally Horizon got a new bottom coat! She is now back in the water

Today we took some well deserved beach time 😊

Anette is sun bathing 😆

And finally we’re off. Rigging is checked. Bye bye Florida. Bermuda is our next destination, just over the Horizon. Should get there in 6-7 days