World Wide Tour (by air)

After lots of thinking back and forth because of the Pandemic we decided to fly and visit our kids around the world. We also needed to get back to Colorado to do our annual checkups. In addition, we had a lot of things that we have ordered to the boat that we had to pick up in Boulder. As you can see the airports were pretty empty, this is Istanbul airport.

Finike, Turkey - Stockholm, Sweden

First stop Sweden. Feeling blessed to be able to celebrate New year in our summer cottage with our small group of close family. As everyone else we were looking forward to 2021

Stockholm - Boulder, Colorado, USA

Second stop Boulder, Colorado. Absolutely great to be able to celebrate some of our January birthdays in person with our youngest son Benjamin and his girlfriend Tessa :-)

Amazon Prime is one thing we really miss when cruising. Here are some of the things we ordered and taking back to Horizon

Boulder, Colorado - Redwood Shores, California, USA

Third stop was Silicon Valley visiting our oldest son Ludvig and his girlfriend Kat, and her daughter Veronica.

Lucky timing, we were able to celebrate Ludvig's 30th Birthday in person :-)

Redwood Shores - Stockholm, Sweden

Our fourth and last stop is back to Stockholm and our summer cottage on Värmdö. A snowstorm brought us lots of fresh snow and cold temps. Beautiful but now we're longing back to Horizon and Turkey

Time to get ready to fly back to Turkey. We need a negative PCR test, so that's what this is about