Feb 28th - Mar 7th, 2019

Passage from DR to T&C

The north east corner of Hispaniola. We were beating against the wind from Samana up to this point. Big seas.

Teathered in with big following seas

Safely anchored in Grand Turk

Then we went to clear in. We found out that Cockburn Town is not a port of entry. So we took a taxi to south harbor were the immigration and custom is located. We would never have found this custom building without the help of all the friendly people here :-)

After the adventure of clearing in we needed food and a drink. This restaurant has the cutest floor protectors for the chair legs

Our anchorage outside Cockburn town

Impressive wall/board walk shielding the town from the ocean

T&C got hit pretty bad by the hurricanes. This is the city dock. You better walk on those beams.

Interesting to get up and down to the dinghy .

Cockburn Town by sunset.

A boat project day. We still have had problem with the fuel supply. We finally found the cause (the second one), it was debris in the manifold. Cross our fingers that we are now done with diesel problems.

Project Day

Eliminating where the problem is

The manifold and the problem

The problem

We also checked out a leak from the water heater, and I started to go through the whole boat to tighten all the hose clamps. We also had to fix the boom vang, The attachment had broke off. After all that, we had a spectacular snorkeling trip, right outside our anchorage. The drop off with corals were stunning. Overall a great day, Cheers šŸ„‚

Fixing the boom vang

We got to enjoy the view of the passing cruise ship

Salt Island

On our way down the coast of Salt Island we got company by Mama whale and her baby. They were swimming alongside our boat for 10-15 min. Really cool!

These cute donkeys are all over the island

We walked around in the little town. A little sad because we saw a lot of destruction from the hurricane. But there were also some nice bright colored houses that was pretty nice.


This is the inlet to Cockburn Harbor on South Caicos. Magnificent rock islands

Cockburn Harbor and our anchorage. Cute little town, Definitely worth a visit

We sailed from South Caicos to French Cay, crossing the big Caicos Bank. The bank is a huge area with depth between 5-3 meters, and with a lot of coral heads you have to avoid. This is eye ball navigation the whole time. It felt like we were in a computer game the whole time ;-)

This low sandy island, French Cay was our anchorage for the night. It's a bird sanctuary so we were not allowed to go ashore. But the snorkeling was amazing. We saw a huge black Ray! He was a little scary.

Fifty shades of blue!

So beautiful.

We finally crossed path with our Boulder neighbors and good friends, Kathryn and Howard Foster. Suddenly Boulder is very well represented in South Side Marina, Provodenciales. So much fun to spend time together. They were on their way south and we on our way north.

Meet up with the Fosters

Anette went horseback riding on the beach. An amazing experience! So beautiful. The horses were Pasofinos. They are very fast and smooth. Very well trained. Can highly recommend this!

The showers at South Side Marina were the cutest ever. Built in to the rock, and it was outdoor.

This is what you get when you're stupid enough to ride with shorts instead of long pants :-( But it was worth it!

Time to say Good Bye to Kathryn and Howard, for this time. Hopefully we cross paths somewhere else on the oceans, and back in Boulder. Love you guys