20th March - 8th April , 2021

We had a very interesting passage from Il Marbat, Malta to Hammamet, Tunisia. It started with no wind so we motored for 14hours straight. Then the wind picked up and we had a nice beam reach. We got into some nasty squalls early morning with a big wind shift 180 degrees. Now happily docked at the quarantine dock waiting to take our Covid tests on Monday, not allowed to leave the boat until then.

And believe it or not...we bless the rains down in Africa And we love Dolphins

Fun fact:

It took us 1.2 days. We averaged 6.4 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 186 Nautical Miles. We sailed 190 Nautical Miles to get here. We ran the engine 14.8 Hours (49.3%) during the passage. We got 133.3 Ah/day from Solar, 66.7 Ah/day from Wind, and 200 Ah/day from Hydro, a total of 400 Ah/day during the passage.

We also logged 21000 Nm during the passage

After two days in quarantine on Horizon here in Hammamet, Tunisia, we did a PCR Covid test. We got the result the same afternoon. We were both positively negative, in fact we were so negative so they said that we don't have to do the second test in two days which has been the norm here So now we are cleared in and have moved to a regular slip in the marina and we're free to go and explore Tunisia. Everything went pretty smooth.

Yay and Cheers is in order

The doctor came to the boat for the testing. Very convenient. Not very comfortable though since she only took one test through the nose all the way down your throat

The test result!

Biked to one of all the fruit and vegetable stands on the side of the road

There are even liquor stores in Tunisia. Was a little hard to pick out what you wanted since all was behind the desk. They saw our confusion and let us go behind the "scene" :-)

You can load up a lot of beer, wine and groceries on our two bikes and the cart ;-)

Nice meeting over drinks with OCC's Port Officer in Tunisia, Mike Turner. Also here is Peter and Mohammed Ali. Mohammed Ali was our guide for our three day road trip...more later

Super cool Pirate party ships in the marina

View from the mast over the Pirate ships and the beach

Mike is a great mechanic and has his won Yacht service company. Doing all different type of boat work. This is his workshop. A little messy but very functional

This is why we needed Mike, his workshop and the turner. Repair and adjustment to the boom vang.

Behind the workshop you can find exactly that little metal part you need, and it will fit perfectly

This is the local turner's workshop. That is the only thing his doing and he is very, very good at it

Another boat project. Anders thought it was so nice and quiet when I was up in the mast, so he thought he would wait a while to let me down ;-)

Out at the first spreader to tejp the end

Doing the same at the second spreaders

View over Hammamet marina from the mast

Always fun with a bird view over the boat

Yay, got some horse riding in. This is a 6 years old stallion. Very well trained. We galloped on the beach for a long time. Just wonderful

Anette is out swimming, a little hard to spot in the waves

Got to get your exercise in. Plank on the beach after a swim, feels good

First stop of our three days road trip to the southern part of Tunisia, the amphitheater in El Jem. The third biggest one in the world

The history of El Jem Amphitheatre

Crew Horizon and crew Raven together with Mohammed Ali, our tour guide, at the El Jem Amphitheatre

Inside the theater

View from inside the theater

These old Amphitheaters are built very similar to todays big arenas

Another view of this amazing amphitheater

Down below the arena where they kept the animals, the slaves and even the dead bodies. They lifted up the animals so they came up from the ground to make it more spectacular

Next stop the museum of Mosaic, also in El Jem

Another big Mosaic Painting. This represent the different seasons, You can find the winter, spring, summer and fall. Also it has the moon and the sun. Can you pick out the different characters ?

This is just amazing. Looks like a real painting but is made out of small pieces of mosaic with all the different shades

This mosaic painting is stunning as is...but look at the next close up...

This is the close up. Which part is it? Just amazing how they could color code this with all different shades of mosaic

We are now in Sidi Idriss Hotell, where the episode 4 of Star Wars was filmed

In the middle of the Star War scene

The Sidi Idriss Hotell, and Star War movie scene seen from above

At the bar from the movie

On the way to our lodging for the night we stopped by this berbar village. This is one were they still live. Here is the beautiful entrance

They use this tool to dig out and build the house. It took around a year to build it

When we walked in this opened up. Huge common area that you can't imagine from the outside. All the different rooms are surrounding this

They weave beautiful rugs

The bedroom, with storage under

The kitchen. Beautiful pottery

They offered us tea and almonds. And we bought some delicious honey from them. Very friendly happy people

Our hotell for the night. Dug out into the mountain

View over the hotel, with all the rooms surrounding the plaza

This is the cozy room.

No windows

Anders is on his phone and behind him is the restaurant

Evening view over the hotel

Morning mist is lifting

Visit to one of the many Berber villages in this area. Inside the Berber village. The first generation built the first floor. Then their kids the build the next floor...and so on. So if you see four floors that mean four generations lived there

These three are all Berber villages that we visited

Very harsh land here. Rocks, sand and small bushes

Here you scan see how they use the water, when it rains, from the mountains. They build terraces so they can grow olive trees etc so they keep the water on the terraces

Another, on top of the hill, Berber village

Found this creepy rope hanging from the ceiling ina cave under the fort

The gate keeper. Look at the stunning portal ceiling

Have to explore the top level

Storage area for food etc in the rooms

Another beautiful Berber village. Of course on top of a hill. With a Mosque. This one is active today and people still live here.

Same Berber village. Some Bed and Breakfast here

Here are some old pots. They stored food in them but also you can see how they dug them down under the ground

Last Berber village. Another stunning one at the top of a ridge

On our way to our Hotel in Douz. The Gateway to Sahara

Our Hotel in Douz

We went camel riding into the Sahara desert

We're riding with the Force

This camel is broken...just kidding this is how they like to rest

One of the great Salt Lakes, called Chot el Djerid, and no we're not in Utah

We got very close to the Algerian border, lots of militaries in this area

Oh oh, Flat tire. Quickly repaired by Anders and Mohammed Ali

Next stop Chebika Oasis. we visited the old town. below you can see the new town

Our local guide is pointing out The village of Algeria. We are pretty close to the border

Chebika oasis . Love the colors of the clothes

Our local guide at the Chebika oasis. This is his grandparents house. He lived here for four years before he moved to the new city below

Our guide is leading the way through the rocky mountains down to the oasis

Beautiful water in the oasis. Lots of frogs

Beautiful color of the water in the oasis. Lots of frogs

One of the waterfalls in this oasis. The water comes from the nearby mountains

My handsome husband in the middle of the Sahara desert

This is called the camel neck. Anders and I are running up to the top

Selfie at the top of the camel neck. Look at the mirage behind us..

From the top you see our 4x4, tracks of people having fun making donuts. But look at the mirage... it's not water

So unreal. Another picture of the mirage

Approaching the Star War village of Ong Jemal

Inside the city. Everything is intact, but need some maintenance or else it will quickly and sadly detoriate


Like in the movie...

On the side of the road you see sheep with their cute lamb

Camel warning everywhere here in the Sahara

Camels crossing the road

After three days on the road we are now close to Hammamet and the marina. Greeted with this wonderful sunset

After two weeks in Hammamet we sailed to beautiful Sidi Bou Said, and the Carthage area. We anchored outside the marina. The town of Sidi Bou Said is situated high above the sea level, and the marina. Some 200+ steps to get up here. This is from the town overlooking the harbor and Horizon at anchor

A stroll along the beach. Taking the opportunity to take some nice pictures of Horizon

Typical alley in the town. All buildings are white and all doors are blue

Some of the blue doors are very pretty decorated

The cats have a feast after the guests are gone

Rounding Cap Farina and the lighthouse

Funny looking island outside the coast on our way in to Bizerte

On our way in to Bizerte we got company from some dolphins

Marina Bizerte is huge, and pretty new. This is one of the super yachts coming in from Malta just to fill up cheap Tunisian diesel. There were at least 4 trucks coming up to the ship...

We visited square Dag Hammarskiöld here in Bizerte. Unlucky this famous Swedish guy died here in a flight crash. We couldn't find any signs that this park was dedicated to him, but in Google maps it said so

Leaving Tunisia. Next stop Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Back to EU. 300nm.