North Carolina to Antigua

Nov 16th - Nov 29th, 2018

This is our route for the passage from Deltaville, VA to Antigua

Passage from Port Lauderdale, Florida to Bermuda. It took us 10.8 days. And we averaged 6.0 Knots.
We sailed 1556 Nautical Miles to get here.

This is our planned route

Chris Parker's report gave us thumbs up to leave. Finally a good weather window!

And we are all ready to finally depart on our passage to Antigua! Even though it is a Friday ;-)

We got "company" with S/V Rockhopper. We sailed the same heading and very similar speed. We had daily contact over VHF. It was fun to have company. We stayed together for three days, then we took different paths since they were heading for the BVI.

All tethered up

One of many beautiful sunsets!

Some days we had a lot of squalls . Very easy to spot and follow on the radar

Oh no, not another squall...

Here comes the rain...and the wind...

But some days were just beautiful with calm seas and blue skies

One of those days some dolphins joined us for a while. They are so cute and playful. Great company

On any calm days we try to get some shores in. Fishing, improvements, laundry, repairs etc...

Sailing in to the sunset after one of those nice calm days

The same evening we got company by this cute, tired, bird. He rested here for while until he took off again

He found his way in under our hard dodger, looking where we were going :-)

Some more pictures of all the very impressive squalls!

But Anders is happy steering through the rain and squalls ;-)

Planned route

You got to see many sunsets and sunrise! One more beautiful than the another. Above is the sunset and below is the, always, welcoming sunrise

We were lucky to have the full moon accompany us for part of the passage.

Spectacular settings during your lonely night watches

And then, after 10.8 days and 1556 nm we arrived in Antigua 2:30 am!

This is what we woke up to! Spectacular, beautiful Jolly Harbour

And this was our qualifying passage to become full members of the OCC! Time to unsnip the A, Yay :-)