Sep 11th - Sep 18th, 2019

We left a sunny but windy Sweden.

After a very rough sail in gale force wind and big seas we are now anchored outside Larvik in Norway

Tight inlet to our anchorage tonight. I love how they build the houses to fit in to the environment

Our anchorage at Portör, Norway

A hike on the island relieved this beautiful private and very sheltered harbor

Beautiful morning, but the alert on the phone is not very hot...

Beautiful coastline with a lot of protected waterways on the south coast of Norway

We love Lighthouses, and there is so many beautiful here in Norway

We've seen a lot of these small houses on top of the islands. Don't know what they are. No windows... but they are cute

Approaching Kristiansand. And safely docked.

Beautiful church in the town square

A hike along Odderöya. Beautiful sunny, but windy day.

Great scenery

Horizon is docked over there

We hunkered down in Kristiansand for two days during this "storm"

After two days in Kristiansand, hunkered down during the high winds, we started our sail west. We found this beautiful and very protected anchorage 😊 Sögne, Norway

Another beautiful anchorage. Off season, very quiet

Leaving in the early morning, Passing through Korshamn narrow passage

Love the coastline on the south coast of Norway.

Leaving Norway in very brisk wind and big seas. Aiming for Scotland. Bye bye Scandinavia ⛵️

We're now back in the western hemisphere :-)

Ha ha, or very soon I mean ;-)

Passage from Korshamn, Norway to Inverness, Scotland. It took us 2.3 days. And we averaged 6.4 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 358 Nautical Miles. We sailed 378 Nautical Miles to get here.