Sardinia, Italy

June 10th-June 22, 2020

Santa Teresa

Approaching Sardinia, Italy, and the beautiful harbor of Santa Teresa

First meal in Italy, of course it's Pizza :-)

Beautiful bike ride along the north west coast of Sardinia.

This rock formation looks like a bear

We were enjoying the view of he city square of Santa Teresa during our dinner out

Our anchorage on the Isola di Culuccia, Northerns Sardinia. The Maddalena archipelago is in the background

Hiked up to the top of the island. This is how they grow herbs and vegetables here

From our own little beach

Rounded beautiful Punta Sardagena. All the buildings were built to blend in with nature. Btw, Sardagena is Sardinia in Italien.

Our anchorage in the bay of Punta Sardagena and Altura. Next bay over is Palau, a very busy city where all the ferries to Maddalena archipelago goes from

On our hike on the peninsula we these beautiful blooming trees on the side of the road

Maddalena archipelago

We stayed in the marina in Maddalena. Very nice marina in the center of the city. We enjoyed walking around in the town with all these colorful alleys. We visited some very good restaurants as well

First day we biked around the whole island of Maddalena. This is the north coast

Once again, we love our Brompton bikes :-)

We biked over the the connecting island, by a bridge, Caprera. We visited the house, and museum, of Garibaldi. Unfortunately it was closed due to Covid-19.

Then we biked up to the fort that is a Museo nazionale Memoriale Guiseppi Garibaldi, Pretty tough uphill bike ride. At the top Anders had a flat tire. Luckily it was only a slow leak so we just pumped it up again and it was all good to go again

Beautiful scenery on this bike ride

The connecting bridge

We sailed over to the next island, Santo Stefano. We read that there was an old statue of Garibaldi. When we read more about it it wasn't Garibaldo. It was Obstanzo Ciano. Anyway very impressive

Our anchorage. Next we hiked over to the fort on the other side of the bay

No we're on the other side of the bay. Exploring the old fort

Love the view of Horizon through the stone window in the fort

Next morning we celebrated the Swedish National Holiday, 6th of June

This place was a little funky. Wonder if it used to be a prisoner. This was a room with a toilet and a sink connected to a room above

Anders is posing outside, what we think, used to be a toilet. Opening down to the ground

Beautiful anchorage at the island of Santa Maria. Not very crowded on this beach :-)

Rainbow over Maddalena

Brisk sailing between some small islands and the east coast of Maddalena. going south

Next stop in the Maddalena archipelago was the south west part of Caprera, Cala Portese. Very popular anchorage. We hiked out to the old abounded military fort. Lots of creepy bunkers to explore

Last stop in the Maddalena archipelago is on the east side of Caprera, Cala Coticcio. It's called Tahiti, and you know why when you anchor here. Just stunning with high mountains and crystal clear water.

Luckily we are in a slow season. this anchorage didn't have space for many boats, pretty tight here.

We left beautiful Maddalena Arcihpelago in the early morning, Set sail for Sicily

Passage to Sicily

Passage from Sardinia to Sicily. It took us 1.9 days. And we averaged 4.3 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 188 Nautical Miles. We sailed 198 Nautical Miles to get here.

I caught a big fish, a black finned Tuna, the first evening in the sunset. So now we have the freezer full of tasty fish

My catch!Anders is ready with the net

What a beauty

Hard work cleaning the fish. The sugar scoop is perfect for cleaning the fish

Heads out....

Lots of cleaned fish goes in the freezer

Worked into the sunset. Time to go to bed. Sicily here we come...