Mar 8th - Apr 7th, 2019

Southern Bahamas

Spinnaker sailing and laundry day

From T&C we first sailed up to Mayaguana Island where we were planning to clear in. But the sea was to rough for us to get in with our dinghy so we just spent the night at anchor and left the next morning. Next stop was Samana. We wanted to anchor inside the reefs in the Propeller Cay anchorage, but again the sea was to rough to get through the narrow inlet so instead we anchored at Columbus anchorage. Next day we had a beautiful Spinnaker sail to Long Island and Clarence town.

This is Clarence town marina. They had a good restaurant. We didn't stay here. Horizon is anchored further out.

We rented a car the next day to explore the island a little. Went to the Deans blue hole, which is the deepest known salt water hole in the world. 202 meter. Super cool! We also snorkeled here

Lunchtime at the best local restaurant. They had tons of shells in the backyard!

Love the turquoise reflection from the sea on the clouds! Thanks for pointing that out Howard :-)

Rounded the Northern tip of Long Island, Cape Santa Maria, in the calmest of conditions

Our stunning anchorage in north west Long Island, Calabash bay. The most amazing white sandy anchorage gives this turquoise water. Stunning

Out on a dinghy excursion

We explored a nearby lagoon. Anette swam across from one sand bar to another. Look at the crystal clear water!


What a difference a day can make! Leaving long Island in pouring rain. Next stop Georgetown

After, finally, clearing in into the Bahamas in poring rain we got a little cold. We found our own "sauna" in the engine heated garage! Sauna and beer, Life is good again :-)

Our anchorage in Georgetown, off Stocking Island. We haven't seen this many boats in months. Crazy but fun, for two days, place.

Hiked up to the "tallest " point on the Island, Monument.

Selfie on the windward side of Stocking Island.

Beautiful long beach on the windward side.

This is the dinghy channel in to Lake Victoria where you do you groceries etc. Horizon is spotted in the opening

I'm becoming an expert in catching Barracuda. Unfortunately we don't eat them because of the Ciguatera . Caught this on the way up to Lee stocking Island

We hiked up to the tallest point in the Exumas, Perry's point, 38 incredible meters! Of course Anders found the survey point, and documented it!

In this harbor it used to be a Marine research center. But they closed 2011 after the founder passed away. Now everything was abounded and nature has taking it's toll on this place. Sad to see! This is the old airstrip

Anette tried to harvest a coconut. There were plenty of them.

The Fish!

Finally I caught a good fish, a whole fish, a big fish, a fish we can eat 😀 I caught, what we think is, a baby Wahoo! 15pounds, 7 kilos, We will have a lot of fish dinners. Thank god for the freezer

Going through Rudder cut. It's good with back up navigation

Our Anchorage at Rudder cut Cay

Beautiful caves here to Explore. There is also a sunken piano and a mermaid that we snorkeled on. really cool but we didn't take any pictures.

I made Pineapple salsa to the newly caught Wahoo.

It all tasted delicious, specially since I did all the work catching, filleing and cutting for the salsa

We moved on to Staniel Cay the next day. It was a beautiful quiet evening. Maybe the calm before the storm... storms are suppose to roll in tomorrow and Wednesday. The saying “ Red skies at night sailors delight” give us hope! Hopefully the bad weather pass north of us.


Crew: Ludvig, Kat and Veronica

Ludvig, Kat and Veronica arrived Wednesday evening. They flew in to Staniel Cay and now we are making our way up north through the Exumas. Great fun to have them here 😊

Someone took a nap in the dinghy when the adults enjoyed snorkeling in Thunderbolt grotto

We circumnavigated Big Majors. Here we go through Fowl Cay cut with 3 knots of current with us. Pretty close cut!

Picture perfect Bahama turquoise water! Not good for sailing though

Father and son 💕

Of course we had to go to Pig beach and feed the pigs. Great hit for everyone! We then snorkeled at the Aquarium and a sunken airplane

Next stop Shroud Cay. Dinghy mission, to go in to the mangrove creeks. Unfortunately we couldn't time the high tide so we had to drag the dinghy across this sandbar...and many more.

But we managed. Mission Completed!

Typical what we do all the time. Try to get cell reception ;-)

Fun at Allens Cay with the Iguanas.

The big Iguana is guarding Horizon ;-)

Veronica was also feeding the small tame birds

Anders found his own comfy chair

And they are off to their next adventure, Atlantis! It was great having them with us on Horizon.

Now we are docked in Nassau. Preparing for our next guest, Anders brother Hans, who arrives tomorrow.


Crew: Hans, the brother

And he is here! Anders brother, Hans, he swam here from Sweden...just kidding but he really longed for a swim in the nice warm water in Bahamas

Passing the bridges on our way our from Nassau. Of course we cheer in Jäger, even if it’s early morning. Cheers 🍻

Obligatory Selfie


Hans is relaxing

Hans is an excellent rower

Such a beautiful beach, Royal Island, Eluthera


Hans found a Conch. We have never seen one this far out and curious. Beautiful!

Just to show the size of the conch

Two brothers in a boat

This water is just spectacular

I found this beautiful sea raptor

It was a little stormy on the the way from Eluthera to Abaco

We got lucky passing the shipping lane. Lots of traffic!

Hans the skipper!


We passed a band of dark clouds with a lot of water spouts on our way to Abaco. A little scary, even though we had a great sail

Hans is doing some laundry in our Scrubber bag.

Pelican Cays lunch stop. Beautiful beach but it was a little stormy

The brothers safe a shore after being knocked over by the dinghy

Stormy windward side

Approaching Hope Town, Elbow Cay

Elbow Reef Lighthouse

An amazing Lighthouse. You can climb to the top

At the top of the Lighthouse. Horizon is moored in the harbor behind us

A pretty tight door at the top to get out to the top deck

Panoramic from the top of the lighthouse

Windward side. Hans and I

Hans is trying out the Bahamian beer, even though he doesn't like beer ;-)

Beach time at Man o War Cay

Two brothers in crystal clear turquoise water

Beach walking at Bakers Bay beach

We moved over to Great Guayana Cay for a lunch at the Nippers, pig roast buffet, and some more beach time.

Windward side and a mermaid

Last anchorage with Hans. Matt Lowe’s Cay, close to Marsh Harbor,

We saw turtles and these beautiful rays

The perfect bar on a hot day

A new hair dew, the Bahamian style

Beautiful sunset on the last night with Hans. Thanks Hans to take the time to join us on Horizon. We really enjoyed having you here!

Abacos, aiming for Florida

We wanted to fly the spinnaker when our visitors where here but the wind didn’t cooperate. The day after Hans left we had beautiful spinnaker sailing. We’re on our own again

Sailing through Whale cut

This is Green turtle Cay. I read that Bluff house Marina and resort had a tennis court. I got all excited, grabbed my tennis shoes, dinghied in and walked up to the "court". Unfortunately it was not maintained, grass was growing on the court and the net was sagging....Oh well...I took a nice walk in the area instead

From the shore of Green turtle Cay, with a good view of Horizon

Banana tree

Adventure hike in Powell Cay

This boat is in trouble. On our way to Allen's Cay

An old “bar”, I don’t think they will have free beers tomorrow 😆

The old “bar”

The trail ended in this signing tree .

We made our own Horizon plate

I love when the dolphins comes and visit us 💕

Distinct border between shallow and deep water with tidal current against us. Look at the borderline! We came out from the Bahama banks through the Indian Cay channel on high tide, and with a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow we will cross the Gulf Stream to get back to the US