Azores to UK

Jul 8th - Jul 16th, 2019

Passage from Terceira, Azores to Falmouth, England. It took us 8.5 days. And we averaged 5.6 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 1157.1 Nautical Miles. We sailed 1192 Nautical Miles to get here.

Another stormy start of a passage. Leaving Terceira, Azores. Next stop UK

Cheering to 10000+nm, and it happened to be 9.6knots :-)

I never get tired of sunsets. Here is another beautiful one

Approaching Scilly Islands, UK. Time to hoist the Brittish courtesy flag

Arrived safely in Scilly Island, UK, after 1192 Nm and 8 days. It’s very beautiful here! We will spend the night here and then sail to Falmouth tomorrow. We had a wonderful passage 😊⛵️🥂

Beautiful evening and scenery. Cheers