Scotland and Ireland

Sep 19th - Oct 16th, 2019

Passage from Korshamn, Norway to Inverness, Scotland. It took us 2.3 days. And we averaged 6.4 Knots. The shortest great circle distance is 358 Nautical Miles. We sailed 378 Nautical Miles to get here. We run the engine 36.4 Hours (65%) during the passage.

After a rough first 24hours with wind steady around 30kt and close haul sailing in big seas we have since had light winds and calm seas so we’ve been motoring. With the rising sun today we have land in sight, Land O’hoy! Scotland here we come ⛵️😀

The weather was so nice and warm so we took the opportunity to take a shower on the aft deck

We were greeted by a lot of curious seals and dolphins, when we came in to Scottish waters. First I thought this was also dolphins, I took a picture and then realized that it was a whale.

Big ships anchored at the inlet of Inverness

Fort George at the inlet to Inverness

Fortrose lighthouse

Magical Morning in Scotland 💕

Inverness bridge

The first of 29 locks in Caledonia canal.

We were locked into a lock, for a couple of hours, They where short of staff

One of many locks

At the bottom of the flight of eight locks. at Muiertown

So peaceful and quiet on the canal

We are now in Loch Ness. No Nessie in sight so far...

Our anchorage right in front of the Urquhart castle, in Loch Ness

Horizon seen from the castle

Spooky lit up castle at night

Morning mist over the Rolling hills of Scotland

We hiked to Foyers waterfall. Interesting trail

Foyers falls

Lunch in the sun in only T-shirt, Yay

On our way back to the boat. Loch Ness that is

And of course you have to swim in Loch Ness when you’re there 😬 15C

Docked in Fort Augustus, the southern most part of Loch Ness. Anders is inspecting the bow roller since we got hit by a motor boat earlier in the canal

We are now at the highest point of the canal, Loch Oich, 32 meter over sea level. Different weather in different directions

Well of seven heads. A very odd and kind of sad monument. At the top it's a hand grabbing seven heads. It's from a very bloody battle.

Interesting live aboard boat. self sufficient?

Another view of the quiet and green canal

Laggan Locks. Between Loch Oich and Loch Lochy. From here it's only downhill back to the ocean

Very purposely made tourist boat for the locks and the canal ;-)

The famous Neptune's staircase. A flight of eight locks. Took us 90 minutes to get through.

Nice "waterfall" behind Anders

At the last lock, Corpach sea lock. We are now longing to get out of the canal. It’s been a great adventure, a once in a lifetime experience. But now we’re happy to be back in the ocean, and float a little higher in the water again 😁⛵️

Docked and waiting for the lock to open. Mount Ben Nevis is in the background. That is the highest mountain in UK, 1345 m.

Lots of tide and rip currents to plan with. Here we didn't time it all that good, but we knew that. Doing 4 kts with 4.4 kts current against us

Someone got lucky with a pot of gold ;-)

We sailed by the famous "Castle of Ahrrr..." from Monty Python's movie. The quest to find the Holy Grale.

The rolling green hills of Scotland!

This was the old chapel that belong to the castle. A little spooky

We're now in Dunstaffnage marina. A small marina just north of Oban. I hiked to Dunstaffnage castle.

Beautiful window sills

Beautiful scenery

This time we timed the currant right :-)

Safely "anchored" in Craobh marina ;-)

Red skies at night sailors delight! That saying has been so true! Beautiful red sunset at Craobh marina...

... We left with the morning tide in beautiful weather. Doing 12.4 kts! Thank You current

We picked up a mooring ball and spent the night here

Isle of Jura. Stunning views

Of course we visited Jura Distillery

Tricky anchorage In Lagavulin bay, right outside the distillery. But well rewarded effort.

Horizon seen from Lagavulin distillery

Lagavulin Whiskey tasting. Yummy :-)


From Lagavulin it was a nice walk over to Ardbeg Distillery. Very nice walkway, and lots of green Rolling Hills of Scotland

Nice lunch at Ardbeg

Wonderful sailing in Scotland turned in to be a Whiskey tasting sail. In three days we have visited five distilleries, which two of them we anchored right in front in the bay. Love Scotland 💕⛵️

Another one of our favorites, Laphroaig. Also walking distance.

Not very busy at the water drinking station ;-)

Leaving Lagavulin Bay on the morning tide. Ireland here we come...

Three OCC boats next to each other in Bangor marina, North Ireland

Very nice dinner at the Royal Yacht club in Bangor when the remnants of Lorenzo passed us. A big thanks to To Wendy, the OCC port officer here, who joined us and also drove us to and from the marina.

It was a little brisk when we left Bangor for Ardglass

The small marina in Ardglass in low tide. The little "castle" is actually an old bathing house. Not very useful at low tide ;-)

Visited Ardglass golf club. The oldest one in the world, 1405. I’m not playing golf but this is a very beautiful golf course.

We left Ardglass in predicted 15-20 kts wind. Ended up in steady 30 -36 kts winds, close reach with big seas. So we diverted closer in to shore to get some shelter from the wind and the waves. After that we had a fast fun sail down to Laoghhaire marine. Steady 8-10 kts of speed.

Another great OCC gathering. Amazing evening in, Dun Laoghaire Marina, Ireland. Great to have Pam and Tom for dinner at Horizon. We are having drinks outside in October. Love Ireland 🥂😊🇮🇪

Leaving Dun Laoghaire area. We had a wonderful time with Pam and Tom on Stealing Time. Thanks for all your help. Hope our wakes crosses again :-)

Short sail down the coast of Ireland to Arklow marina. We will spend a couple of days here to wait for a good weather window to sail to Scilly Islands

Scilly Islands

Left Arklow, Ireland. Cruising down the coast of Ireland in good speed. Next stop Scilly Islands. A 190 nm sail. ⛵️

Coming down to Scilly Island is like coming down to the Mediterranean, with all the palm trees

Anders is inspecting the canon

View over Hughes town, St Marys, and the harbor where Horizon is anchored

Low tide indeed

Have to take picture of the lighthouse ;-)

Rugged coastline...

...and more

Riding the the ocean

We have had three very nice days here in St Mary's, Scilly Islands. We got some nice hikes in and I got to horseback ride, Yay!

We now have a short weather window so we will set sail for Brest, France. 160nm.